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Mystery  Tickets



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Secure your limited edition 'Craig' NFT

(1 per ticket)

Exclusive chance to get a 'RARE' or 'SUPER RARE' version of the 'Craig' NFT collection

No upcoming events at the moment

To purchase a ticket, you are required to have a registered OpenSea account and linked Crypto wallet. Click here if you need help

 Raffle Ticket Information: 

How much does the Mystery Ticket cost? 

  • $35 AUD

When is the Mystery NFT reveal? 

  • 9th of March, 2022

What does a Mystery Ticket get me? 

  • Per Mystery Ticket, you will receive ONE randomly selected (from #1 - #300), minted Fully Skits 'Craig' animated NFT card. 

Is buying a Mystery Ticket the same as pre-ordering the Fully Skits NFT? 

  • Yes. You are essentially joining the 'Whitelist' of people securing there spot for acquiring this NFT. 

When will I receive my Fully Skits NFT? 

  • 24 hours after the Live Reveal Show has finished.

How many Mystery Tickets can I buy? 

  • Max 10 per person/wallet

How do I watch the Live Reveal? 

  • You can watch by joining the 'Fully Skits Club' Discord server. Click here to join

How Will I receive my prize/NFT? 

  • Once your name has been read out in the raffle, you will receive your NFT as a 'gift', sent to your nominated crypto wallet (via your OpenSea account). This may take up to 24 hours to transfer to your account. If you don't know how to set up an OpenSea account, click here.

Will we have to pay minting/transaction charges? 

  • No, all Ticket holders will avoid these fee's.

What If I provided the wrong Crypto wallet address after purchasing a ticket? 

  • Please get in touch with us, and we can update the address for you. Please make sure to do this before the Live Reveal Show has commenced, because once we have sent your NFT's to your entered Crypto Wallet address, we cannot reverse it.

If the Raffle tickets do not all sell out by the due date, what will happen with the other NFT's? 

  • The remaining NFT's will be minted and listed on OpenSea for anyone to buy. This will happen shortly after the completion of the Live Reveal.

Can I still buy a 'Craig' NFT if all of the Raffle Tickets are sold out? 

  • Yes, however you will have to purchase them from the new owner's of this NFT via OpenSea