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Hi there, my name is Ben! I'm from Australia, and I create a series of animated comedy skits called 'Fully Skits', all by myself! (I do all the voices, animations, everything!)


My journey started 7 years ago when I decided that the job I was applying for just wasn't for me. After this mid-life crisis (at 23), I decided to pursue a childhood dream, and teach myself how to animate.

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During this period of change, I also got involved in performing 'Improv Comedy', a form of comedy where you literally make up shit on the spot, in front of a crowd of people. For practice, I would improvise at home with my brother and record it with my camera phone.




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And so....

We did this ALOT, and eventually my phone was filled with mostly cringey improv videos. HOWEVER... some of these videos were funny as fuck, and it was at this time that I decided to use my animation skills, to turn these recordings into animated skits!





On April 25th, 2019, I released my first animated comedy skit on youtube called ‘Can I use your shower’.

'FULLY SKITS' was born, and from this day forward, I just kept creating animated skits.... 

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Fully Skits 3 years later...
Fully Skits 3 years later...

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Published 2 seasons, 26 skits in total
Published 2 seasons, 26 skits in total

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Fully Skits 3 years later...
Fully Skits 3 years later...

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What is my goal?

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WTF is an NFT?

NFT's are 'digital' art that people collect and trade


"Why the fuck are people buying Digital art!?" 

(You may ask).

Well, just like art in the physical world, NFT art in the digital world holds value because:

1. It can prove if the art is original or not 

2. It can prove who the rightful owner of the art is

NFT uses blockchain technology to do this. This is a very brief explanation, so if you want to learn more, please google that shit

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All of the money raised will go towards the production of Fully Skits animations. Your support will help me to pay for animators and illustrators, making it easier for me to make the best, funniest skits possible.

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